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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet
Image by Arvydas Lakacauskas from Pixaba

We choose the best of best for you.


  • Finding it difficult to acquire top talents for your company?

  • Getting disappointed with the high turnover rate of the staffs as you have been spending too much in staff trainings?

  • Paying big amount of advertising fees just to put up a job vacancy?

  • Looking for a locum at the clinic to achieve work-life balance?

Are you facing one of the problems stated? It is time for you to sign up VetCancy! 

With this executive search and recruitment platform, you can now easily post up veterinary vacancies all-day-long to reach your potential employees! We help animal health and veterinary industries to acquire top talents, enhance career opportunities and achieve quality of life! We believe our users could achieve their employment goals by building trust, portraying professionalism and improving performance at the workplace!

VetCancy - An Exclusive Veterinary Employment Platform. You can now search your potential veterinary placement in this exclus

Submit job posting and we will source for your ideal candidate today!

Click "Post A Job Now" below and fill up the form, and once submitted,

VetCancy team member will contact you to advance with the process.

VetCancy respects the privacy of individuals with regard to personal data and is committed to protect the privacy of users, striving to provide a safe and secure user experience. All of the data and information provided by the users are used only for processing and matching purpose, the provision of your personal and company information is completely voluntary. Information collected from employers and potential employees will be stored on the VetCancy’s Application Service Provider (ASP) and processed through its profiling purposes. All data received remain confidential.

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