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Vets are hardworking,

so do we.

Who are we?

VetCancy - Vet's Vacancy.

We share a goal in VetCancy, which is to connect business owners, management team of a company, veterinarians, veterinary students and para-professionals in the veterinary industry, in which we strive to provide employment solutions to the related professionals in the nation.


What we do?

VetCancy - A hub to connect everyone fairly.

We observed the need of establishing VetCancy to ease the procedures of job posting or job hunting in veterinary industry, as most of the job vacancies are only propagated through general social media such as Facebook groups, Whatsapp messengers and so on; in which we believe that it would not reach the targeted practitioners or potential employees effectively and efficiently.

Why choose VetCancy?

VetCancy - First online employment platform in Malaysia

As veterinary professionals like you, we face similar problems like you while we are hunting for our jobs as fresh graduates. The job vacancies are scattered in every social media, the time and date of the job posting were not clear and when you called up the company, the job had been taken by others. The FOMO (Fear-of-missing out) feeling is even stronger and you struggle to hunt down a job. 

We have interviewed the veterinary clinic owners and SME companies human resources managers in the industry as well, we have learned that most of the employers are facing great challenges as well, in terms of poor responses after posting up job vacancies, unable to source and acquire good talents, high turnover rate and etc. 

Therefore, it's time for us as employees or employers to explore and discover the power of online communities like VetCancy for job hunting and job posting! It is efficient,hassle-free and absolutely free! 

Sign up today at VetCancy! 

Our Partners

Here is the list of our exclusive partnerships out there:


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