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Nurse And Patient In Waiting Room

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.

DISC Personality in Veterinary Professions

Are your team members at the workplace more likely to be catalyst of a work done or the other way round? People tend to be more receptive and would respond more positively when his or her favored communication style is used. Thus, interacting with all of the team members in a same way might not be always be effective.


Other than the subordinates, managers and leaders in a team should also clear about their own strengths and weaknesses in order to facilitate and optimise the team performance, as this is especially crucial in hectic veterinary practices.

So, what is DISC?

DISC personality test looks like any other personality test on the surface. Nonetheless, it is more than that! DISC test measures to what degree you are Dominant (D), Influential (I), Steady (S) and Conscientious (C), and how these traits affect the way you perform and function in a workplace. In addition, it provides you the test results of what is your ideal job type, how well you may fit into a workplace's culture and how could you contribute to the organisation's success. 

Dominance (D) - The Leader

You are the CEO material! You are confident, no nonsense, decisive and forceful sometimes. Do not be afraid to show your not-so-perfect part to others once in a while!

Influence (I) - The Charmer

You are the 'people person', with the friendly and open personality you really enjoy to spend time with people around you. However, you would take the closeness with the people a little too far sometimes...

Steadiness (S) - The Peacekeeper

Reliable, sincere, attentive and patient best described you. You are fine with everything and unwilling to go against the status quo. You do not have to be loud, but remember to express your feeling in a calm and reasonable way when it is necessary. 

Conscientiousness (C) - The Thinker

You always have that 'lighbulb' moment, constantly flood with ideas. Just like the Leaders, you want to achieve high standards and sometimes you prefer to work alone as you prefer precision rather than clarity. Be more assertive to your co-workers sometimes!

Everyone has these four qualities – albeit to varying degrees. It’s a matter of being aware of them so you can take advantage of your strengths, work around your weaknesses and become an asset to every company you decide to work for.

Submit your application along with the DISC report to us and we will advice you on your career!

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